Dr. Charlotte von Bülow

Dr. Charlotte von Bülow

Ph.d, M.Education

About me
I have spent the last 20 years working in the private sector as an educator, consultant, CEO and governor. In 2007, I founded Crossfields Institute, a UK educational charity, and developed the organisation to become an Ofqual regulated awarding organisation, a consultancy and a higher education institute. I completed my doctorate at the Bristol Business School (Faculty of Business and Law, UWE) where I now work as a Senior Lecturer in Leadership.

Areas of expertise
Over the last decade, I have taught management and leadership in universities, schools, colleges, communities and organisations internationally. I have developed particular tools in the subjects of personal and professional practice, educational action research and qualitative research methods, reflective and reflexive practice, meeting, delegation, facilitation skills and contemplative inquiry.

I have worked as a consultant and executive leadership coach for over a decade and continue to support the professional and personal growth and development of leaders and change makers.

My current research focuses on leadership as a way of being, inclusive and distributed leadership, succession building, the ethics of attention, working with uncertainty, Negative Capability and innovation in teaching and learning. I am committed to the co-creation of health in the workplace through the promotion of conscious role modelling and ethical attentional practice.

I am working in close collaboration with colleagues from within the Business School and in a creative research partnership with the Crossfields Institute Group.